Protecting the nation and its dependent territories will always be our first role as UPDF. Highly trained soldiers are ready to be deployed anywhere at any time to meet a variety of challenges. Ranging from support to the Police and all Security Agencies, to specialist capabilities such as bomb disposal and intelligence experts, 24 hours a day 365 days a year, we are always ready to serve Uganda and AFRICA at large.

The mighty UPDF is proud of its heritage delivering success in combat through the courage and absolute commitment of its soldiers. Case in Point SOMALIA, SUDAN, DRC, Central Africa Republic Etc..

The UPDF provides depth; as well as conducting complex war fighting, it is the same highly trained soldier who deals with Landslides and trains partner forces within and abroad.

The UPDF is your Army – Peolpes’ Army: in an uncertain world it is ever vigilant, always ready and steadfast in its commitment to the defence of Uganda and its citizens.


We are persistently engaged around Africa to help shape the environment and prevent conflict in the future. This may be by working with partner nations in Somalia and (S)Sudan to deliver training and assistance, reassuring our allies , or supporting them.

It is in the UPDF’s interest to tackle the causes of instability, fragility and conflict, and to respond rapidly to prevent them – or deal with the instability and conflict that does emerge


Be it at home or abroad, we are always prepared to provide assistance in the event of an emergency. From Landslides in Bududa, to humanitarian assistance in Africa following the Ebola outbreak, etc, we are ready to meet every challenge


The Mighty UPDF has many uses, though it is primarily a war-fighting organisation to protect the nation and, if required, fight the nation’s enemies with absolute commitment