About the updf

About Us

UPDF is a nonpartisan force, national in character, patriotic, professional, disciplined, productive and subordinate to the civilian authority as established under the constitution.

The UPDF’s interest is to protect Uganda and africa atlarge. Providing a safe and secure environment in which all Ugandan citizens can live and prosper.


  • To preserve and defend the sovereignty and interior integrity of Uganda.
  • To co-operate with civilian authority in emergency situations in cases of
    natural disasters.
  • To foster harmony and understanding between the defence forces and
  • To engage in productive activities for the development of Uganda.


To defend and protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Uganda, and the Constitution that encapsulates people’s sovereignty through popular will.


Transform the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) into a modern , professional, efficient and accountable Force anchored on a strong civil-military partnership.

Statement of Objectives UPDF

  • Defend and protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Uganda, ensuring non-violability of peoples and individual rights, the rule of law and good governance.
  • Build adequate and credible defense capacity to address external threats and in the medium term assist in maintaining internal security.
  • Create a productive and self-sustaining force.
  • Ensure adherence to and furtherance of international obligations.
  • Ensure continuation and strengthening of the Defense forces that has respect for Human Rights.
  • Create military alliances to enhance regional security and stability.
  • Maintain national cohesion.
  • Promote co-operation with the East African countries, which share common political, economic, social and cultural values, and interests..
  • Support regional and continental integration through the East African Community and African Union