About the updf

Who We are

UPDF is a nonpartisan force, national in character, patriotic, professional, disciplined, productive and subordinate to the civilian authority as established under the constitution.

The UPDF’s interest is to protect Uganda and africa atlarge. Providing a safe and secure environment in which all Ugandan citizens can live and prosper.


  • To preserve and defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Uganda.
  • To co-operate with civilian authority in emergency situations and in cases of
    natural disasters.
  • To foster harmony and understanding between the defence forces and
  • To engage in productive activities for the development of Uganda.


To defend and protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Uganda, and the Constitution that encapsulates people’s sovereignty through popular will.


Transform the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF) into a modern , professional, efficient and accountable Force anchored on a strong civil-military partnership.


  • Defend and protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Uganda, ensuring non-violability of peoples and individual rights, the rule of law and good governance.
  • Build adequate and credible defence capacity to address external threats and in the medium term assist in maintaining internal security.
  • Create a productive and self-sustaining force.
  • Ensure adherence to and furtherance of international obligations.
  • Ensure continuation and strengthening of the Defence forces that has respect for Human Rights.
  • Create military alliances to enhance regional security and stability.
  • Maintain national cohesion.
  • Promote co-operation with the East African countries, which share common political, economic, social and cultural values, and interests..
  • Support regional and continental integration through the East African Community and African Union

Core UPDF Missions

The core missions for Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces as outlined in the Uganda Defence Policy, 2003 are;

    • Ensuring the defence of the Country and the Constitution of Uganda that encapsulates the peoples’ sovereignty through popular will. The UPDF will defend Uganda against all aggressions and will ensure that Constitutional order and rule of Law is maintained.
    • Assisting with Peacetime Security. Support to Uganda Police Force and other security actors against all manifolds of insecurity including civil unrest, internal insurgency and terrorism.
    • Contributing to Regional Stability. Outside Uganda, the greatest risks to our national economic and political interests lie in potential instability in the Eastern and Horn of Africa as well as the Great Lakes regions. UPDF will continue to collaborate with other regional forces to maintain regional stability and avoid spill-over to Uganda.
    • Provision of Support to the Civil Authorities. The Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces, as a nationally organized force, is often best placed to provide support to the civil community at times of civil emergency.
    • Conducting Defence Diplomacy. The growth of further ties within the region, principally with members of the East African Community (EAC) and the African Union (AU) is encouraged as a means of promoting broader understanding between the Defence Forces. Although it is envisaged that with time there will be a higher degree of military integration, joint military exercises, joint training and exchange of military observers.
    • Support to International Obligation. The Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces must be prepared to deploy in support of international peace operations in furtherance of the wider foreign policy and national interests.