Chieftaincy of Mubende Rehabilitation Centre (CMRC)

The initial focus at establishment in 1986 was provision of close health attention and physical rehabilitation to casualty combatants. The present focus is provision of physical and psycho-social rehabilitation and support to disabled combatants and family.


The mission of CMRC is to rehabilitate soldiers with disabilities physically and psycho-socially and prepare them, through skills development, for redeployment or effective re-integration into the civil community, and their follow up thereafter.

Physical and Psycho-social Rehabilitation.

This is the subjecting of the disabled soldiers to various rehabilitation processes according to disability:

  1. For Disability of Limbs. Physiotherapy and provision of orthopedic devices (prosthetics, orthotics, corsets, and orthopedic boots) and assistive devices for movement like crutches, wheel chairs etc.
  2. AMA Project. Orthopedic workshop project run by a South African company Africa Medical Alliance (AMA). The building complex and installation of all equipment are all completed. Only raw materials are awaited.
  3. For Impairment of Vision and Hearing.
  4. Training in practical life skills like Braille and Sign Language at Kyambogo University School of Special Needs under Exercise Giving Hope.
  5. Provision of assistive devices like spectacles and white cane sticks for the totally blind and hearing aids for the deaf.
  6. Counseling. An integral part of the rehabilitation process helping the disabled psychologically from hopelessness to being and feeling useful in society with hope. The Social Workers are effectively playing this role.
  7. Medical Assessment. There is regular medical assessment of every individual disabled soldier to determine: Degree of disability, Extent of rehabilitation.

Special Needs Sports: Sit ball, sitting volleyball, Goal ball for the blind, Wheelchair basketball, Construction of Special Needs Sports court is underway.

Projects for Welfare and Demonstration: There are projects for enhancement of welfare and practicing technical skills. They include; Dairy Farm, Carpentry and Metal Workshops, Mubende Officers Welfare Organization (MOWO) – Mess, Forestation and Fish Farming. The maize mill has been hired out for Shs 18m/= per year.

Group and Individual Projects: These are for income generation and domestic consumption respectively. They include candle making, baking, mushroom growing, making charcoal brickets, food production, kitchen gardening etc.