About The School

The core duty of the school is to teach and train the Defence Forces Leadership and prepare them ideologically so as to have the necessary competences to conceptualize, analyze and understand the Global Dynamics of yesterday, today and project the possibilities of the tomorrow.

This is important for today’s Leaders, Military or civil, so as to ably manage the Human material and Financial Resources available to any globalised environment and resources.

The historical significance of this place is that it has served as a Training ground for liberation forces like the NRA and ANC combatants, all of whose liberation effort resulted into our African Peoples freedom.

The students we train/teach here are mainly from UPDF, Uganda Police and Uganda Prisons Services.

A course lasts between 4-6 months depending on the package designed for any specific Leadership category.

Structurally, this school falls under the Joint Service political Commissariat Department of UPDF.




Commandant Oliva Reginald Tambo Leadership School