UPDF Training Schools & Colleges

Training is a vital part of every soldier’s and officer’s professional development in the UPDF. Below are the different UPDF schools and colleges

National Defence College - Uganda

National Defence College – Uganda (NDC-U) is a National Security and Strategic Studies training and educational institution in Uganda.The Defence College is expected to produce graduates in strategic leadership to government on national and international security matters.

The course covers areas of Policy Formulation and Analysis, Strategic Leadership, Strategic Planning and Management, Political Economy, National and Regional Security Studies, International Relations, Peace and Security Studies, Defence Resource Management, among others

Senior Command and Staff College - Kimaka

The Senior Command and Staff College (SCSC) – Kimaka is Uganda’s premiere Military training institution which conducts Operational Level training for mid-level military officers  men and women of the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Force (UPDF).

Junior Command and Staff College - Jinja

Junior Command and Staff College (JCSC) – Jinja prepares selected junior officers for command and staff appointments by developing their command, analytical and communication skills and by providing understanding and knowledge of combined arms operations at battle group level.

Uganda Military Academy - Kabamba

Uganda Military Academy – Kabamba (UMA-K) is the UPDF Officers’ initial training centre. At UMA, UPDF officers are trained to take on the responsibilities of leading soldiers.

Oliva Reginald Tambo Leadership School - Kaweweta

The core duty of the school is to teach and train the Defence Forces Leadership and prepare them ideologically so as to have the necessary competences to conceptualize, analyze and understand the Global Dynamics of yesterday, today and project the possibilities of the tomorrow.

Uganda Military Engineering College

The core objective of establishing UMEC was to progressively develop engineering, technology and any other scientific capabilities in the UPDF designed to facilitate its operations as well as contribute to national and regional strategic development.

Armoured Warfare Training School

The Mission of the school is to train and produce officers and men capable of manning armoured equipment in the contemporary battle space in order to enable Armoured and Motorised Infantry Brigades build stronger well trained professional formations.

Non Commissioned Officers' Academy

To train lower military unit leaders on tactical techniques and operational procedures in order to enable them effectively manage, organize, administer, coordinate and command basic troop compositions, taking care of their well-being and maintaining good standards of their resources.