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Uganda Defence Attaches Meet at MODVA HQ, Mbuya

1 min read The Ceremony was held at MODVA HQ, Mbuya

Uganda Defence Attaches Meet at MODVA HQ, Mbuya

MODVA HQ, Mbuya, 08 January 2020 ›› Uganda Defence Attaches Meet at MODVA HQ, Mbuya


Uganda's Defence attaches to various missions abroad have come together today at the Ministry of Defence Headquarters Mbuya for a two day conference.

The main objective of this meeting is to share experiences and understand the common values in the foreign service.

In his welcoming remarks, the Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) congratulated and welcomed appointed officers to the diplomatic service whose mandate is to promote and protect Uganda's interests abroad.

He was happy that they were meeting to discuss the various issues of interest to Uganda.

Gen Muhoozi said that that they were also meeting to discuss, engage, assess and evaluate themselves as far as their work is concerned.

He asked the newly appointed officers to get deep knowledge about Uganda in terms of our engagements. “I implore you to get more knowledge about our country and take keen interest in understanding our country but also in defence matters”, he said.

Ambassador Patrick Mugoya the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs in his keynote address said that the key function of military attaches is to represent Uganda to the specific states, but also act as exper advisors to Heads of Missions.

He asked the officers to always be aware of Uganda's role in foreign countries like Somalia and international organisations such as the United Nations because these deployments help the force to gain exposure as well as experience.

He underscored what the CDF had said about officers getting deep knowledge of the country they are accredited to as it is the only way they will be able to deal with its affairs.

He reminded the officers to always represent Uganda and not themselves.

The conference is being attended by the Deputy CDF Lt Gen Wilson Mbadi, the Joint Chief Staff Lt Gen Joseph Musanyufu and other Senior Leaders of the UPDF among others.

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