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UPDF Wazalendo SACCO Gets New Chief

1 min read UPDF Wazalendo SACCO Gets New Chief

UPDF Wazalendo SACCO Gets New Chief

Headquarters of Wazalendo Sacco , Kiwatule - Kampala, 27 August 2019 - UPDF Wazalendo SACCO Gets New Chief


Wazalendo Sacco has today witnessed yet another transfer of power and welcomed a new Chief Executive Officer Col. Joseph Fred Onatta .

Speaking at the handover and take over ceremony, the Deputy Commander Land Forces and Chairman Board of Wassco Maj Gen Sam Kavuma thanked the outgoing CEO Brig Simon Ocan for the tireless four ( 4 ) years of service. Gen Kavuma noted that it's under him ( Brig Ocan) that Wazalendo has seen high growth and progress something to applaud him.

The outgoing CEO Brig Simon Ochan in his remarks put emphasis on high skills, experience and maturity by the governance and management team if Wazalendo is to keep the high standards and success it has been known for.

The incoming CEO Col. Joseph Fred Onata while receiving the instruments of power, said that he was greatful for this opportunity to serve yet in another capacity under the UPDF and pledged not to disappoint the UPDF leadership.

Brig Simon Ocan has been nominated by the UPDF leadership to attend further studies at the National Defence College ( NDC) yet to be named

Col Onata previously the Director of Finance at Air Force brings his vast experience in financial management to the Sacco.

The Handover and takeover ceremony held at the headquarters of Wazalendo Sacco in Kiwatule Kampala was attended by the Board Members, Supervisory Committee and staff of the co-oporative.

Wazalendo SACCO is a Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs (MODVA) and Uganda People's Defence Forces (UPDF) Co-operative Society that enables its Members to come together and pool funds (Savings) so that, they can access Loans (Credit) to engage in productive activities for improving their welfare. It was registered in September 2005 and has been the leading and exemplary Sacco in the country.