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UPDF Encourages Women to Join the Forces

1 min read Females in UDPF have Higher Chances

UPDF Encourages Women to Join the Forces

HeadQuarters, Wakiso district, 28 December 2019 ›› UPDF Encourages Women to Join the Forces


Lt Col Betty Musuya the UPDF Deputy Director of Women affairs has encouraged Wakiso District women candidates to join the force sighting the huge changes and favouring policies that protect and promote the career of women in the Uganda Peoples' Defence Forces.

Lt Col Betty Musuya said that ladies out there should massively join the force like any other profession which respects their rights and is gender sensitive while making decision.

The Director further said females in UDPF have a high chance to progress as already dictated by the professionalisation process. She said the directorate handles all female related issues which makes them feel comfortable within the forces. "As you can see, genda balance has been catered for so there should not be any cause of alarm, we are waiting for you to add on our contribution as women towards the security of our country and that of Africa and the world in general". Lt Col Musuya said.

Like it has been in other places the turn up was much higher than the wanted numbers, giving UPDF recruitment team the opportunity to take the best candidates mostly with science related fields and high academic scores.

Unlike other places, Wakiso general recruitment candidates on day two of the exercise have been handled today, while professionals shall be handled tomorrow 29th Dec 2019 at the same venue of Wakiso district headquaters

The team will proceed to Kamuli after Wakiso and conclude with Jinja district.

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