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UPDF Constructs Maternity Ward

1 min read UPDF Constructs Maternity Ward

UPDF Constructs Maternity Ward

Masulita HC III, 01 February 2020 ››UPDF Constructs Maternity Ward


The UPDF Engineering Brigade is constructing a maternity ward for Masulita HC III. This was identified by the UPDF team as a necessity for the area. The available maternity ward was too small to accommodate the number of births registered in the sub county.

A placenta pit has been as well constructed to manage waste disposal of placentas after birth.

The UPDF site engineer Lt Hassan Mawa said, as we celebrate our 39th anniversary UPDF has decided to give the sub county a gift of maternity ward.

The site engineer said the progress is good and all works are entirely done by the UPDF engineering brigade.

Mr Nkalubo Paul a resident and a liberation war veteran was one of thise who wouldn't hide his joy for such a facility. He thanked the UPDF for the offer. "It is my pride to have belonged to such a people centered Army". He remarked.

UPDF is carrying out civil military related activities across the greater Luwero enclave as part of the Tarehe sita festivities.

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