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1 min read Awarded 2 Golden Medals in Volley ball and Net ball matches


Kenya Monetary Training Institute - Nairobi, KENYA, 23 August 2019 - UPDF BRINGS HOME TWO GOLDEN MEDALS IN EAC MILITARY GAMES


UPDF has been awarded two golden medals in Volley ball and Net ball matches.

The Volley ball awards were at the indoor Arena Center Kasarani while the net ball awards yesterday at Kenya Monetary Training Institute in Nairobi Kenya.

The two golden awards were based on the best performance UPDF demonstrated while participating in the two games during the UPDF won Kenya's KDF in volley ball 3-0 sets, Burundi's BDF 3-0 sets ,Tanzania's TPDF 3-0sets but was defeated by Rwanda's RDF 3-2 sets.

Awards were categorized in two groups with the first category being awarded to individuals who were the best performers from the three countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya.

The first individual award went to UPDF's Eunice Amuron as the best attacker, the second to Yvete Cyuzuzo of Rwanda as the best Setter and the third one to Damaris Chepkorom of Kenya as the most valuable player (MVP).

The second category were the team awards where Uganda was recognized as the best in the same game and won a golden medal as a winner, Kenya came second and was awarded a silver and Rwanda took a bronze.

In Netball, Uganda's UPDF was unbeaten by all the participants from other EAC member countries.

Uganda beat Burundi by 114 to 09 goals, won Kenya by 43 to 38, Rwanda by 76 to 16 goals then crashed Tanzania by 49 -34 goals.

In netball individual awards were awarded to the top scorer Cpl Mwanaid Hassan Ngubege of Tanzania followed by the best defender Pte E. Kaila Joice also from Tanzania and the most Valuable player (mvp) Pte Rachael of Uganda.

Uganda in the second category was given a golden award while the 1st runners up award was won by Kenya taking a Silver and Tanzania the 2nd runner up was awarded a bronze.

The EAC Secretariat Defence Liason Officer Brig Godfrey Katsigazi Tumusiime applauded all the teams of the EAC Military games for the unity demonstrated during the matches .He added that it was a signal of one people one destiny.

Brig Katsigazi Congratulated UPDF for the level of discipline they exhibited, the readiness, preparedness and the cooperation which was excellent since the games started until the closure. " Iam very proud of all the teams general standard. You made Uganda Flag high and continue the same zeal and positive and friendly competition " he emphasized. He also congratulated S.Sudan for finally being part of the games for the first time and urged them to put in more effort.

While closing the ceremony, Lt Col Gilbert Marirakiza from Burundi Congratulated all the teams for having successfully completed net ball match for the year 2019. " I must say all the teams were prepared well that is why they have peacefully played and completed the game ". He added. He applouded Burundi and Rwanda who at first did not perform well but later improved.