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SFC starts bi-annual Fitness Tests

1 min read Maj Gen James Birungi launches 2019 Combat Fitness Test

SFC starts bi-annual Fitness Tests

SFC Head Quarter, Entebbe, 24 October 2019 ›› SFC starts bi-annual Fitness Tests


The Commander of Uganda Peoples' Defence Forces (UPDF) Special Forces Command (SFC), Maj Gen James Birungi has on October 23, 2019 launched Combat Fitness Test (CFT) meant to be conducted bi-annually by all troops of SFC and the Police Presidential Guard (PPG)

Part of the activities of the launch included a 20 km walk by Officers and Militants of SFC and PPG from Entebbe State House Simba gate to Kasenyi Training School via Entebbe town, Kabale village and Abaita Babiiri.

"Today is the launch of this exercise at SFC headquarters. It must trickle down to Battalions, including all its sub-units," said Maj Gen Birungi, adding that commanders must ensure routine training and testing of their troops on endurance.

The commander SFC said that physical fitness is an important item in the Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) of SFC and indeed, for all in the military profession. He added that the High Command that sat recently in Entebbe resolved on the reactivation of physical fitness training and tests in all UPDF units because soldiering and fitness are inseparable.

The Commander further said that CFT is important in the UPDF because it not only tests individuals' physical fitness or endurance but also acts as a check on discipline at all levels of command, enhances combat readiness, encourages team work and brings out individual leadership skills.

Maj Gen Birungi urged the troops to continue doing individual exercises while examining their self-abilities as a way to improve on their physical fitness. " You need to know your personal physical fitness status in order to aim higher towards attaining a level well above the minimum standards required by our SOPs," he said.

The function was attended by among others the 1 Special Forces Group Commander, the Director of Personnel and Administration and the Director Strategy and Plans.

Aside from the routine work that usually practice the troops on physical fitness, the SFC and PPG will engage in different sports activities such as soccer, netball, boxing and range exercise as one of the approaches to maintain physical fitness. Engaging in sports activities also helps in identifying and developing talents.

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