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President YK. Museveni Inaugurated for a New Term

ABOVE: President, Yoweri KagutaTibuhaburwa Museveni being Sworn in

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President Museveni Inaugurated for a New Term

KOLOLO Airstrip ›› KAMPALA Wednesday 12 May, 2021 ››President YK. Museveni Inaugurated for a New Term


President, Yoweri KagutaTibuhaburwa Museveni has today been sworn in at a ceremony held at Kololo Independence Ceremonial grounds.

Speaking at the inauguration, President Museveni thanked the heads of state who graced the ceremony for honouring his invitation. The ceremony was also graced by heads of delegation from across the world, other foreign dignitaries, members of the diplomatic corp and invited members of public.

In his remarks after taking the Oath, President Museveni called upon all Ugandans to engage themselves in productive work so as to combat poverty now that elections are over.

"The elections are over! Let us get down to work, so as to chase poverty from our homes. Engage in commercial agriculture, counting profitability, industrialisation, ICT and services," Said President Museveni.

The President noted that in this coming term, emphasis is going to be put on dealing with some obstacles that have hindered projects like Operation Wealth Creation, youth funds and emyooga.

The President called upon Ugandans to embrace vaccination against Covid-19 as a guaranteed way of dealing with the virus which he said had affected key areas of the economy.

"As far as corona-19 virus is concerned, we shall open up once we have vaccinated 4.8million people as follows:Population over 50 years, Health Workers, Teachers, Lectures, Security Personnel and those with Comorbidities.

Apart from importing vaccines from other countries, we are developing our own vaccine, able to deal with all the known variants. We have also been trying, in humans, some therapeutics, which seem to be effective." President Museveni noted.

The President further added that Shs 464b has been set aside in the coming financial year to be able to help sectors that have been badly affected by Covid-19.

On the issue of regional integration, President Museveni said that African unity is the only way through which economic and, where possible, political integration in Africa can guarantee the prosperity of Africans and strategic security of Africa.

The Swearing-in ceremony was graced by 12 heads of state from different African countries, and heads of delegation s across the world.

ABOVE: President Museveni being shown the Parade

ABOVE: President Museveni Signs his Oath and other Documents

ABOVE: The JCOS and CLF among others graced the Ceremony

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