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DSP Gifts the Blind Family in Luwero

1 min read Lt Kamya represented Brig Gen Byekwaso

DSP Gifts the Blind Family in Luwero

Yandwe Village - Luwero District, 22 December 2020 ››Defence Spokesperson Puts a Smile on the Blind Family


The Defence Spokesperson, Brig Gen Flavia Byekwaso has through her office delivered Christmas hampers to the family of Ms. Harriet Nalubega of Yandwe Village in Luwero District.

In a message delivered by Lt David Kamya who represented Brig Gen Byekwaso, she said that the plight of Ms. Nalubega caught her attention after it was published in the newspaper and as a mother, it really touched her heart.

She said that as we celebrate this festive season, we have to bear in mind that there are many who are not as privileged thus the Christmas hampers as a humble gesture to put a smile on the face of this family.

The joyful Ms. Nalubega was full of praise and thanked the Defence Spokesperson for reaching out to her especially during this festive season.

She added that the situation hasn’t been all that rosy with them finding difficulty in feeding and the daughter and grandchildren being chased by their father.

She lamented about the unfulfilled promises of delivering equipment to help them despite paying money to follow up on this promise.

She thanked Brig Gen Flavia Byekwaso and wished the UPDF joyous celebrations on their 40th anniversary.

Brig Gen Byekwaso called upon the public and well-wishers to give a helping hand towards supporting Ms. Nalubega and her family.

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