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D/CDF meets MONUSCO Force Commander over Security in DRC

1 min read Lt Gen Elias Rodrigues and Lt Gen Wilson Mbadi

D/CDF meets MONUSCO Force Commander over Security in Eastern DRC

MODVA, Mbuya, 13 October 2019 ›› D/CDF meets MONUSCO Force Commander over Security in Eastern DRC


Uganda's Deputy Chief of Defence Forces (D/CDF) Lt Gen Wilson Mbasu Mbadi has met MONUSCO Force Commander Lt Gen Elias Rodrigues Martins Filho at the Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs headquarters Mbuya.

The dual discussed the current security situation in the region and reiterated the commitment of both sides to continue implementing available security mechanisms to neutralize negative forces in Eastern DRC.

Lt Gen Wilson Mbadi in his remarks thanked MONUSCO Force Commander for the Force's recent efforts to neutralize ADF's capacity to commit atrocities against the people of Eastern DRC and destabilize the region.

He commended the current intelligence sharing mechanism in place but was quick to call upon MONUSCO and other partners to maximize the utilization of the joint Intelligence fusion cell under the ICGLR arrangement based in Kasese district, to support operations in Eastern DRC. “Intelligence sharing against negative forces in DRC is crucial, we should use the fusion cell in Kasese to support your operations and end the suffering of our people meted unto them by ADF”. Gen Mbadi said.

The D/CDF expressed Uganda’s appreciation to the political leadership in Kinshasa which is committed more than ever before to deal with ADF and other Armed groups in Eastern DRC.

He called upon MONUSCO and the entire regional security architecture to use the opportunity to defeat such groups once and for all.

On his part, Lt Gen Elias Rodrigues appreciated Uganda's leading role in pacifying the region and particularly for the good will to pacify Eastern DRC.

He called upon Uganda to always use its influence to partner with MONUSCO to enable the mission execute its mandate. " Your regional security experience is unmatched, and we count on you for any cooperation and coordination in ensuring we effectively execute our mandate as MONUSCO to ensure delivery of Humanitarian assistance and prevent attacks against the civilian population." Gen Rodrigues emphasized.

MONUSCO and FARDC,the Congolese Army, late last year carried out joint operations where they identified, attacked and managed to retake key ADF positions.

The fight on 13th Nov 2018 also saw the capture of a number of ADF elements and weapons giving hope to the people of Beni area and North Kivu where ADF largely operate.

The MONUSCO Force Commander was accompanied by his Senior Military Assistant and Liason Officers based at the UN regional service Centre at Entebbe-Uganda.

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