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Crime Preventers Mobilization & Documentation

1 min read this meeting was not to recruit new crime Preventers

Mobilization and Documentation of Crime Preventers in Greater North

Acholi Inn Hotel, 22 October 2019 ›› Mobilization and Documentation of Crime Preventers in Greater North


Lt Gen Charles Otema Awany, the General officer Commanding Reserve Forces has applauded the region for embracing peace and called the meeting to mobilize former crime preventers as interactive.

Gen Otema conveyed the message of the Chief of Defense Forces Gen David Muhozi as he told the meeting that the the CDF called upon them to maintain a good relationship with all stakeholders in the region and the entire country for socio economic development of Uganda.

The Reserve Force Commander went on to say that this meeting was not to recruit new crime Preventers but to mobilize and document the already trained so that they are well structured and organised for effective command and control.

Lt Gen Otema also warned the crime Preventers to carry out preventive measures rather than being promoters of crime.

He further advised crime Preventers not to cause arrest of any citizen but rather to report to the organs concerned and to use proper channels of communication from bottom up than them assuming authority beyond their level as was the case.

Gen Otema suggested that once in a year crime Preventers must be taken for refresher training to keep them active and disciplined.

Brig Gen Kasura, the Director of National Leadership Institute Kyankwanzi, noted that National security is very paramount and is vested in the foundation security. Furthermore, he said the UPDF has already set a pace for every Citizen and what remains is for crime Preventers to be vigilant in detecting negative forces and report to the appropriate authorities.

Brig Gen Kasura advised the police to move away from the colonial policing ideology to revolutionary methods of policing that suit the current situation for the benefit of all the citizens.

He further said the foundation security entails; being able to define the role of each stakeholder, accepting your own role and accepting to coordinate activities for the sake of the security of the people.

Mr Omara Christopher the RDC Nebbi commended the UPDF for being the most organized, accountable, committed and disciplined institution of government and asked other institutions of government to emulate from the UPDF.

The meeting which was at Acholi Inn Hotel was attended by all RDCs of Acholi, Lango and West Nile region, Division Commander, all Regional Police Commanders of the three sub region, RISOs, Regional Reserve Force Commanders Zonal Pension Officers, Senior UPDF Officers and leaders of Crime Preventers among others.

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