DATE:  Mon Dec 06, 2021 14:26 pm

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COVID19 Vaccination for UPDF Personnel Launched

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COVID19 Vaccination for UPDF Launched

MODVA - MBUYA, 18 MARCH 2021 ››COVID19 Vaccination for UPDF Personnel Launched


The Minister of Defence and Veteran Affairs, Hon. Adolf Mwesige has today launched the COVID-19 vaccination for the members and staff of the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces.

Speaking at launch, the Minister thanked the President of Uganda, H.E Gen Museveni and the team of health professionals for guiding and warming Ugandans during the pandemic which has saved their lives greatly.

Hon Mwesige noted that the UPDF has not only defended the sovereignty of Ugandans, but has also been at the forefront of guaranteeing the safety of Ugandans in all spheres and aspects of life.

“It is therefore fit and just and proper that the UPDF becomes one of the priority groups in benefiting from the ongoing vaccination program such that members of the UPDF can continue to guarantee Ugandans safety and security.” Hon Mwesige said.

In the same vain, the Hon Mwesige commended the national and of scientists for the ingenious jobs they have done so far in fighting and controlling the pandemic.

In his remarks, the Deputy Chief of Medical Services, Brig Gen Dr Stephen Kusasira said that the AstraZeneca vaccine will go a long way in reducing the severe cases of the disease so that our health system gets back to near normalcy.

Brig Gen Dr Kusasira noted that the side effects of the AstraZeneca vaccine are minor and transitional and urged Ugandans to get vaccinated.

The launch was attended by the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs, Ms. Rosette Byengoma, Service Chiefs, Joint Chief of Staff, Lt Gen Joseph Musanyufu, General Officers, Senior Officers and other members of the UPDF.

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