DATE:  Fri Oct 15, 2021 23:14 pm

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UPDF has handed over several TareheSita 2019 projects in Acholi subregion which were pledged to the community during the 38th tarehesita celebrations held in Kitgum district.

The projects in Acholi East included the repair of an Anti Retrial viral clinic and the waiting shade in Kitgum referral hospital, repair of the Anti retrial viral clinic and a private ward at Pader health center, renovation of two class roomed blocks at Wol community Secondary School in Agago district, building of a water harvesting pool, solar power and restoration of Padibe health center IV.

UPDF also handed over complete renovations and constructions in Acholi west which included; St Kizito primary School Aywee in Gulu district, Ome primary School in Amuru district, Koch Goma Health Centre III in Nwoya district and Lanenober health centre III in Omoro district.

The handover ceremonies were headed by the ministers of State for Defence incharge General duties Hon Charles Okello Engola and Hon Dr Bright Rwamirama in charge veteran Affairs, UPDF Deputy CDF Lt Gen Mbasu Mbadi, General Ivan Koreta and a host of UPDF Generals and senior officers.

The Minister of State for Defence and veteran Affairs incharge general duties who headed the team in West Acholi Hon Charles Okello Engola thanked the people of Acholi for embracing peace by way of fighting the LRA and asked the sub region to fight illiteracy by sending children to school, keep healthy and drink safe water.

He added that it is the reason the UPDF undertook the three key projects of renovation of schools and health centers in the districts of Acholi.

He further told the community that the President of the Republic of Uganda loves them so much that is why he is always so passionate about issues affecting the citizens. "The President is a peace maker world over and he loves to see everyone in the country wealthy. That is why the we see the UPDF carrying out various projects in support of the local community" the minister said.

He advised the political leaders to preach unity among the people and accept to work with the government for the betterment of the sub region.

The Minister further told the locals not to listen to those leaders who don't work towards the interest of their people, he also proposed to the district leaderships to organize exchange visits amongst themselves to learn from each other.

General Ivan Koreta while representing the CDF General David Muhoozi thanked the people for their coorperation and fulfilling the strategic desire of UPDF being the people's Army. After all, we are your sons and daughters, therefore our strategic alliance has led to these fruits, take them as gifts from UPDF" the General said.

During the handing over of projects from Padibe town council in Lamwo district and Kitgum referral hospital, the Hon Minister of State for defense and veteran affairs Lt Col (Rtd) Dr, Rwamirama Bright said UPDF undertook the community projects in appreciation and recognition of the contribution made by the people in the region for peace and stability. " UPDF handled the repair of the Ant Retroviral clinic at Padibe health center IV because it touches at the core role of contributing to the health of our citizens " he said.

Hon.Rwamirama added that the projects were chosen because they strike a chord with the spirit of the 1995 constitution and the UPDF Act of 2005 which mandates UPDF to function as people's army and to cooperate with the civil authority during the times of emergency and in situations of disaster, foster harmony and understanding between the defense forces and the public and as well participate in productive activities for the development of Uganda.

He thanked the people of Acholi for accepting to host Tarehesita activities and for identifying with their sons and daughters in the UPDF.

In his speech, the RDC Lamwo,Mr James Nabimson Kidega applauded the UPDF for maintaining a good image and relationship with the civil community.

He said, it is because of the bond and image UPDF has sealed with the civil populace that caused hundreds of youths to turn up for recruitment into LDU. " Had it not been for the positive image and conduct among our National force, none of them would want to identify with UPDF ".

He noted that the health facility does not only support the community of Lamwo but also refugees from Southern Sudan do benefit from the same health center putting the number of the population in the district getting treatment to over 20,000 people.

With the rehabilitation of the ART clinic, it will benefit one thousand nine hundred and fifty seven HIV patients.

The woman member of parliament for kitgum district applauded UPDF for exhibiting professionalism in all fields. " Those days, the military were the most feared people and all they did most was to torment and kill by shooting which is not the case. She urged the community to work and support UPDF in all walks of life.

Regarding tarehesita celebrations, the deputy CDF LT Gen Wilson Mbadi said, it is a tradition in UPDF in the run up week for tarehesita celebration that we conduct symbolic CIMIC activities of a cooperate social responsibility.

UPDF would not consolidate the peace and security, life and property of the people not only in northern Uganda if it was not for your support and cooperation adding that the Celebration of tarehesita is a deliberate effort to consolidate and maintain our relationship with the wanainchi of Acholi sub-region. " We shall continue to provide security to enable peace to promote social economic transformation ".

Lamwo Chief Administrative Officer, Mr Patrick Olila in his thanks giving remarks thanked the UPDF for the tremendous job done. " I did not know that UPDF comprised of such a disciplined and a professional engineering brigade. It has put a challenge to our local contractors who do shoddy work and ask for big money "

He asked the district council to always give contracts to UPDF engineering brigade whenever the district has got construction work.

Colonel Bekunda Besigye the Ag Chief of Engineering brigade said, most of the projects done have been existing but in a dilapidated condition thus the repairs except for the waiting shade in kitgum referral hospital.

The deputy CDF Lt Gen Mbasu Mbadi on behalf of UPDF handed over three projects in Acholi East.

During his speech, he asked the community of Pader district to consolidate the peace they have achieved from the time LRA was wiped out. " Today I almost got lost. Pader has developed. This is because of the dividends of peace ". Its because of the support you gave UPDF during the peak of the LRA war, today we are here to give back.

During the hand over, Mrs. Frida Acholi, the senior health clinical officer said that the repair of the ART Clinic and shade has improved on the life of the community " the facility serves about 10900 patients from within and out of the district " adding that the health facility be upgraded to health center four.

The projects hand over ceremonies were attended by Area Members of Parliament, district local leaders, District health officers, CAOs and the enthusiastic population of Acholi subregion.