DATE:  Sun Dec 15, 2019 19:28 pm

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CDF inspects Officer Cadets

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CDF inspects Officer Cadets

Uganda Military Academy, Kabamba, 30th June 2019 - CDF inspects the Combined Arms Training Exercise for Officer Cadets


The Chief of Defence Forces of the UPDF, Gen David Muhoozi has inspected the Special Combined Training Exercise code named "UNGOZI BORA" for officer cadets intake 17/18/19 at Uganda Military Academy Kabamba.

The main objective of the exercise was to test cadets on their physical fitness, combat endurance and platoon tactics especially for conducting special Combined Arms operations.

The training support was drawn from various UPDFUnits; UPDAF and Armed Warfare Kalama, Motorized Infrantry and Artillery.

During the inspection, the CDF thanked the entire Academy leadership for the job well-done and applauded both the instructors and the Cadets for their endurance throughout the training.

The CDF advised them to remember to put to proper use all they have learnt after they are commissioned.

Present were Brig James Kinarwa representing the CTR, Brig Deus Sande Commandant Armoured Warfare Training School, Brig Joseph Ssemwanga Commander Armoured Brigade among others.