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AMISOM Recieves Food Donations for People of Afgooye District

1 min read Items which were received by Col John W.Mugarura

AMISOM Recieves Donations for Afgooye District

Sector One H/q,Mogadishu, 03 December 2020 ››AMISOM Recieves Food Donations for People of Afgooye District


AMISOM (African Union Mission in Somalia) received 3.5 tons of food kits at sector one headquarter in Mogadishu, Somalia.

The food items which were received by the Deputy sector one commander Col John Winstone Mugarura included; Posho, rice, cooking oil, beans and sugar.

The food was donated by the Italian CIMIC team under European Union Training Mission-Somalia (EUTM-S), to the local communities affected by hunger in Afgooye, which is 29kms from the capital Mogadishu.

While presiding over the ceremony on behalf of the Head of Mission His Excellency Amb Francisco Madeira, Maj Gen Fidza Dludlu highlighted that there are many conditions that have led to scarcity of food in Somali communities, like the ongoing fight against Al-Shabaab, negative impact of Covid-19, heavy rains leading to floods, locust-invasion which caused famine in Somalia, among others.

General Fidza said with support of EUTM-S to AMISOM, efforts are being made to deliver the items to the Somali people in need.

“I hope that these essential items will provide life sustaining aid which will temporarily stop further suffering of the recipients”, he said.

He stressed that what AMISOM is doing is a temporary solution and implored other organizations to fill in the gaps.

Col John Winstone Mugarura who represented the sector one commander Brig Gen Richard Otto, said “today’s activity of delivering food for future donation to the needy people of Afgooye, is one of those indicators and core principles of CIMIC on account of improving the livelihood, especially food security and nutrition aimed at averting the would be worsening humanitarian situation”, said Col Mugarura.

These items are meant to speed-up AMISOM's Quick Impact Projects.

He further remarked, “On this humanitarian note, I wish to commend, the stewardship of Brig Gen Fabiano Zinzione (Commander EUTM-S) for onset procurement process and making this a reality”. The Colonel also thanked the leadership of Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) for always closely working with AMISOM in coordinated and justified causes.

Lt Col Maneo Matteo who represented Brig Gen Fabiano Zinzione the commander of EUTM-S said that less than 20 days ago the EUTM-S received a request from the Minister of Religious Affairs of the FGS in the town of Afgooye, that was in need of food assistance due to the natural disasters that heavily struck the district. The EUTM-S CIMIC had since been working closely with Uganda Peoples' Defence Forces (UPDF) manning sector one to match the needs of the locals in Afgooye. “We are here to deliver food kits to our African Union comrades of sector one for subsequent distribution to the people of Afgooye”.Col Maneo said.

The sector one contingent CIMIC officer Maj Nicholas Abiribale Padrille said, “this kind of support is aimed at winning the hearts and minds of the population in support of our cause as AMISOM."

Dr. Opio Ododa in-charge head Stabilization and Army recovery assured the European Union that AMISOM will ensure that CIMIC activities lead to stabilization the community. AMISOM has been working closely with the governor in Afgooye district to deliver some of the projects in Janale, Shalamboti and KM 50. He further appealed for close working relationships between AMISOM and the EUTM-S.

The representative of the Minister of Religion in FGS, Mr. Mayow Muse Sidow thanked the EUTM-S and AMISOM for all the efforts towards providing the food items to the people of Afgooye. "We have received the donations in the name of the Minister and will distribute it on his behalf. The minister will support the leadership of Afgooye to see that the food kits reach the population", said Mr. Mayow

The ceremony was attended by the local leaders of Somalia, both Senior and Junior officers of UPDF, Italian Force among others.

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